Halls of Art

Halls of Art, a display throughout the Hampton Roads Convention Center, celebrates the talent of Coastal Virginia artists. Each work was chosen by members of the Hampton Public Arts Steering Committee, a group of Hampton citizens from various professional backgrounds, including the business community, Hampton Arts Commission board members, and residents, among others.

Art featured at the Hampton Roads Convention Center is available for purchase, with one caveat: that any art purchased be allowed to remain in the building for six months until the exhibit’s end. Special exceptions may be made. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the artists directly for further information.

Sixteenth juried exhibition: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 through Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

Call for Entries

Halls of Art XVI at the Hampton Roads Convention Center
1610 Coliseum Drive, Hampton, VA 23666
email: PASCart98@gmail.com Website: www.thehrcc.com

Nineteenth juried exhibition: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 thru Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

BACKGROUND: The City of Hampton formed a Public Arts Steering Committee (PASC) in 2007 to solicit works of art to be displayed in the Hampton Roads Convention Center (HRCC) for periods of approximately six months. This is done to enhance the beauty of the HRCC and make a visit to the area a memorable experience. There is no cost to the artist. Sale of the art is directly between the buyer and the artist.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists. Two-dimensional works of at least 800 square inches including frame and weighing less than 50 pounds and three-dimensional works (36 in tall or greater) in most media are eligible. Plexiglas is now preferred for all works requiring protective covering.

REQUIREMENTS: All entries must be original in design and have not been previously displayed in the Hampton Roads Convention Center. The art must be ready for proper display. Entry forms including photographs of up to two pieces of art marked on the back with title, outside dimensions, medium, price and your name are to be sent to the Hampton Roads Convention Center or submitted electronically to PASCart98@gmail.com. Include a short biography for inclusion in the Halls of Art booklet. The entry form can be downloaded from the HRCC website, www.thehrcc.com, or obtained in person at the HRCC Administration Office. For returning artists, a new artist biography is optional. Works may be for sale or marked NFS and MUST REMAIN ON DISPLAY for the duration of the exhibit. The works will be juried by the PASC as to artistic content and suitability for display, as per the city of Hampton criteria. There is no cost to the artist.

PURCHASE AWARDS: Up to $1000 will be given as a purchase award.

DEADLINE: The completed entry form with a photograph(s) or jpgs, labeled with the last name, first name, title, outside dimensions, price and your name with each entry must be received by Friday, April 14, 2017 at the HRCC or by email at PASCart98@gmail.com.

DELIVERY: Friday, May 26, 2017 at the HRCC from 8am-5pm. Accepted 2-D artwork must have permanently attached D-Ring mounting hangers and identification on the back with the title, medium, and artists’ name. Damaged work will not be accepted.

OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at the HRCC from 6:00PM to 8:00PM

PICK-UP: Friday, November 3, 2017 at the HRCC from 8am-5pm. Any work that is not picked up by this date will become property of the HRCC.

While all care will be taken in handling, storage and the installation of the artwork, the Hampton Roads Convention Center and/or the Public Art Steering Committee cannot be held liable for lost or damaged items.