Let your True Voice Be Heard

The Hampton Roads Convention Center has partnered with Encore Global, one of the leading audiovisual companies in the meetings and events industries, to ensure your message is delivered with clarity and fidelity in every setting, from intimate seminars to elaborate stage productions.

Encore Global offers the largest pool of experienced audiovisual professionals in the industry, with capabilities that include audio, video, lighting and a wide variety of conference equipment. The costs for supplemental equipment may vary based on quantity and availability. Several package options are available and your HRCC event manager will be happy to discuss them with you.

Encore Encore Global
Rep: Lee Heft
(757) 715-3420


Multi-media projection, plasma screens, replay systems, cameras and more to keep your images crisp.


Clean, even-sounding equipment offers maximum impact through speaker systems that don’t appear intrusive in the corporate environment.

Computer Systems

Encore Global can up your computers, from a single notebook to a network across multiple rooms, and manage presentation visuals through high-speed Web links or on-site cyber cafes.

Video and Recording

Make a professional recording of your event to be distributed on CD-ROM or live broadcast.


Encore Global can supply everything you need to create a professional environment on stage, from stage sets to computerized teleprompter systems.


A well-lit presenter carries a more impressive presence. Encore Global’s imaginatively lit sets can create the desired drama and anticipation.

Conference Equipment

With the same care as they exercise with high-tech systems, Encore Global can install whiteboards, flipcharts, podiums, video monitors and more in general session rooms.